shitt it seems like it got deleted or idk what happened but it was this one I’m gonna search for the gifs I need this

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And idk if anyone SAW but birdy got asked what happened between her and harry, if they dated or what lmao and she was so cute, she was like nooo it was years ago and blah blah and told the whole story and THENNN the lady asked if she would LIKE to date him, she was so SO CUTE SO CUTE, she was like wellll he’s very good looking so AND I CRIED FHSES SO CUTE DID I MENTION HOW CUte SHE IS??

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Harry + Birdy | November, 2011 - June, 2014 (x/x/x)
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Chicago - 8/29

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Ok I need to catch up with what my boy has been doing. I missed him.

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I’m never going to read a fanfiction ever again. NEVER.

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